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Moss Buster™ Moss Aglae Remover

Moss Terminator™ Moss & Algae Remover 5L

£21.34   £17.07 (£20.48 inc tax)
aluminium cleaner

Total Stainless Steel & Aluminium Cleaner™ - 5 litre

£11.73 (£14.08 inc tax)
Caustic Soda Pearl™

Total Caustic Soda Pearl™ - 25 kilo tubs

£41.29   £39.99 (£47.99 inc tax)
Moss Buster™ Moss Aglae Remover

Moss Terminator™ Moss & Algae Remover 10L

£38.25   £30.58 (£36.70 inc tax)
floor polish

Boden Floor Polish Xtra - 5 litres

£27.12 (£32.54 inc tax)
Acid concrete remover

Total Acid Concrete Remover (for Plant, Machinery & Cement Mixers) - 5 litres

£9.53 (£11.44 inc tax)

Introducing: Moss Terminator!

Moss Buster: Moss & Algae Remover and Inhibitor will now be known by the new name Moss Terminator!

But have no fear! The product is still the exact same highly effective formula as we have always sold. Moss Terminator is an unbeatable outdoor surface cleaner which eliminates anything green and leafy growing on slabs, decking, metal or fabric. Perfect for garden furniture, decking and fencing and extremely popular for commercial sports surface (tennis courts etc)

Say Hasta la Vista to Garden Moss with new: Moss Terminator!

Moss Buster™ Moss Aglae Remover

Moss Terminator™ Moss & Algae Remover 5L

£21.34   £17.07 (£20.48 inc tax)
Moss Buster™ Moss Aglae Remover

Moss Terminator™ Moss & Algae Remover 10L

£38.25   £30.58 (£36.70 inc tax)
Moss Buster™ Moss Aglae Remover

Moss Terminator™ Moss & Algae Remover 20L

£73.58   £58.86 (£70.63 inc tax)
How to Kill Moss with Moss Terminator

Product Price List Now Available

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Pier & Slipway Cleaner MSDS Questions Answered

Dear Artemis Customers.

A number of customers have recently asked us about the wording of section 6 of the safety data sheet for our Pier & Slipway Cleaner. This section states "Do not allow to enter natural water courses". Given the nature of the product we understand that some may find this statement confusing.

We have therefore asked for some clarification from the manufacturer and received the following comment:

Pier and Slipway Cleaner contains Sodium Hypochlorite as a biocide at less than 5%. This ingredient is widely used for disinfecting and anti-fouling applications as well as for water treatment. Sodium hypochlorite in concentrated form is toxic to aquatic organisms, however, it reacts rapidly with organic matter and quickly degrades in the environment once diluted by the tide and exposed to strong light.

To clarify the chemical concerned is only used in the product at a very small percentage, far too low to be harmful. Furthermore what little there is will quickly degrade and have absolutely no long term environmental impact. As far as we or the manufacturer are aware there are no regulations expressly covering small-scale discharge of this chemical in the marine environment.

The manufacturers are in the process of providing test results to prove this. For now we hope this message of assurance will sufficiently set your mind at ease regarding the product. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call

Pier & Slipway Cleaner -

Total Pier & Slipway Cleaner - 20 litres

£27.80 (£33.36 inc tax)
Pier & Slipway Cleaner

Total Pier & Slipway Cleaner™ - 5 litre

£7.88 (£9.46 inc tax)
Total Pier & Slipway Cleaner

Total Pier & Slipway Cleaner™ - 10 litres

£14.19 (£17.03 inc tax)

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Whether its in the commercial or public sector or domestic markets we provide our customers with top quality cleaning products at the best prices available. No matter how large your order, our UK delivery charge is fixed at £5.48. We offer cleaning chemicals for almost every job imaginable. Most of our chemicals are available as super concentrates insuring you get a powerful cleaning solution even at high dilution rates. The benefits? Large amounts of liquid from a single bottle, savings on every litre used and less environmental impact from over use of plastics. Better value and higher quality than your favourite supermarket cleaning brands with the same EU health and safety approval!